Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Troubling Tales From GameStop

Over the years I've become a frequent shopper at the local GameStop. Compared to most GameStop shops in the state the one nearest to me is actually quite large, and houses more merchandise than most. I go to it mostly out of convenience since it is a simple 15 minute drive from my house. Having to pay for games to be shipped to my house, and risking them coming in possibly damaged, or stolen is not the ideal scenario for a collector like me. While GameStop does have it's good side it also harbors an evil side built upon greed, mismanagement, and customer service that is either good or bad depending on who's working that day. Through the many shopping experiences that I've had at said GameStop I've had a few instances/encounters that made me rage inside, and nearly outwardly so. I actually spoke out against some things openly, and even took to the surveys, and online to voice my complaints in the past. Among said instances I've had pre-order bonuses nearly denied, and have even encountered employees (doing their job) trying to sell me a used game as new with a new price slapped on it. The latter happened to me again today, and that's what I'll be talking about in this very article ...

Today I went to GameStop with the intention of either buying a new copy of "Borderlands: The Handsome Collection", or a used copy at a discounted price so that I could play something new with my friend. I would have actually preferred the used version, but to my dismay there was only one case on the shelf that looked used, but carried with it a new price label. Curious I asked the employee if they had a new copy of Borderlands in stock. Doing his routine check he typed it up in the computer, and went rummaging through the locked cabinet drawer for it. Guess what he pulled out? He pulled out a disc in a !@#$% sleeve. Immediately I expressed my disgust, and basically told him I'd have to pass. What you have to understand is that the supposed new case for this supposedly new game had signs of wear, had sticker residue on it, and did not have the slip case that came with it when it was new. Not only that it still carried with it a $59.99 price tag. That game was not new.

The fact that GameStop has their own employees pushing this bullsh*t onto willing customers irritates me to no end. Of course I know better than to pay top dollar for something like that, but what happens when a desperate gamer comes in wanting the same game, and that is the last copy available anywhere. They'd be !@#$%. They'd be screwed out of their hard earned money by the corporate cookie monster. Why this type of business practice is acceptable is beyond me. I don't mind buying a used game for used prices, but when said used game costs retail or over that's when I call bullsh*t. Needless to say I did not buy what I intended to buy. I walked out totally dissatisfied with having even gone there. The fact that the employee didn't even acknowledge my presence, and acted like a down & out ass further agitated me.

GameStop, if you are reading this just stop. Stop pushing used games onto gamers as new. We are not idiots. Even kids know the difference between new, and used ... I'm gonna close in saying that greed is ruining the gaming industry in more ways than one. Everyone is looking out for number one. All they want is your money. They don't care if you even get your money's worth. Only the rare few publishers, developers, and companies really care if you are happy at the end of the day. It's a sad fact, but it is a fact nonetheless. Expect more gaming bullsh*t in 2016 my friends. It's gonna happen.

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