Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Who Ya Gonna Call!? Not Sony!!!

Are you continuously haunted by the harassment of others while gaming on the PSN? Are the trolls trolling you, and the hackers hacking your MLG efforts to bits like some Jack the Ripper clone? Well, if so I've got some disturbing news for you. In patch 4.0 the reporting options that should be are no longer available. In their place stands a confusing assortment of options that are once again so vague in description that anyone would be hard pressed to make heads or tails of what the complaint is all about. Sure they added in the description box for applying details about your complaint, but said complaint form effort is made futile, because it is tied to specific complaint types which are of an extreme nature. Complaint types which encompass issues that are hardly ever present in the PSN. There's that, and there's also a blatant push to pass the buck to gaming studios who offer online gaming features. They tell you to block the player (with limited blocks in place), and to report your problems to the video game's service provider. The catch is not all gaming studios offer in-game reporting options, so who are you supposed to report to in such a case? Not Sony, obviously. They couldn't care less what you are complaining about, and this is made increasingly more evident with each grief report patch that has been forced, to date.

I've been on top of this Playstation phenomenon since I noticed the grief report options being taken away during earlier patches. I called Sony, and the Playstation division out on it when they started spamming me with pointless copy & pasted report messages (30 at a time) without giving me an option to turn off said notifications. It was obvious to me that they did not want to deal with any of it. That they did not care that I, as a paying customer was unhappy with their non-moderated service. I think the point when the sh*t really hit the fan in regards to all of this was when Sony/Playstation took away their official website's complaint form. That, and the blatant disregard for gamer problems when directed at their official Twitter support. Like everything else that too was nothing, but copy & pasted solutions that hardly ever applied to anything the PSN players were encountering.

So, I ask you Sony and Playstation, "Where is this greatness your gamers were promised?". With your player base encountering increasing DDoS attacks, Hacks, Mods from other players, and cheating how are they experiencing greatness? With you having taken away all viable grief report options, and having passed the buck to your gaming underlings who could also care less about the problems at hand where is this promised "Greatness"?

As a paying gamer, and early adopter of the PS4 I can say in all honesty I've yet to see any greatness. My journalism, and streaming focus reflects this. These days you'll find me bitching and moaning about my gaming experiences, about the PSN in general, and about the players abusing the system. All of which continues to fall on deaf ears, and blind eyes. With each display of disregard Sony, and the Playstation brand pushes me further away. I have bailed on their brand of gaming in the past, and if push comes to shove I'll gladly do the same again. I'm not going to continue paying for frustration. I can get that freely in my daily life.

In closing I want you, my readers, to think hard and ask yourselves this question, "Has Sony/Playstation delivered on their promises of greatness?". If you have doubt that they have then maybe it's time you too consider jumping ship, and finding a new hobby or console to turn to. There's no shame in turning from a product or service that has wronged you or not delivered on their promises.  None at all.

Your Last Samurai,

Brad Carver (OtakuDante)

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