Sunday, March 9, 2014

Microsoft to Ban Campers

Recently during my browsing of my favorite Youtube channels I happened across a disturbing commentary by "ReviewTechUSA". In it the commentator stated that Microsoft's decision to ban gamers who camp in "Call of Duty" games was an "Awesome" move. His reasoning behind this was simply that he despised being killed off by campers. I think we can all agree that being killed off by campers in-game sucks, but at the same time I personally do not agree with his brand of thinking. There's ways around the "Camper" phenomenon, but there's no way to combat the immense amount of hacking that is the true threat to online CoD. Microsoft, and Sony both do not want to deal with the nagging complaints from gamers such as myself who constantly remind them that hacking is a prominent threat in online gaming. Not only do these corporate bigwigs want to pass the buck off to some other issue such as 'Camping", and ignore hacking altogether, but they are also ill-equipped to handle the ever-growing issue that is hacking.

If we allow Microsoft, or Sony continue dictating what we do in-game in the online scenario the experience will become what the US, and world governments/dictatorships have made the real world scenario to be. Very soon things like how we use certain in-game features that are in place to do with as the gamer sees fit will result in our own banning experiences. As a result online gaming will become a wholly unpleasant experience, gaming companies will suffer from loss of sales due to the console company's decisions to ban people for unimportant things, and gaming as we know it will go head first down the sh*tter. With the amount of gamers who camp in CoD, and the amount of bans that will likely be issued as a result of Microsoft's scapegoat venture I can promise you InfinityWard, and Treyarch will be hurting by the time it's all said, and done. Microsoft will have bit one of the biggest hands that feed them, and will in turn turn away a majority of the core audience who has bought, and played CoD over the years.

I hope to hell that you as a gamer voice your opinion on this matter. I hope to hell that Microsoft, and Sony read what I have said. It is extremely important that gaming companies, and gamers do not address problems in such a manner as Microsoft & ReviewTechUSA have gone, and done. Deal with the real threats at hand. Add more staff to monitor online gaming, and gamers who would hack the experience to hell and back. The issue is not how gamers choose to play a game so long as they are playing without hacks. You as a gamer always have the choice to not play a game if you feel so badly about people ruining the experience with alternative gameplay styles. The Game developers left the gameplay loose so that you could adapt to it as you see fit. I think InfinityWard, and Treyarch would agree wholeheartedly with me.

As for you Microsoft, if you want to bite the hand that feeds you, and alienate the gamers who have paid for your online services then by all means go ahead. Rest assured though you'll come to know financial hurting in a whole new light. You might think your lack of Xbox One sales are bad, but doing something like this will turn even more gamers from your brand of gaming products. I promise you that.

Your Last Samurai,
Brad (OtakuDante)

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