Wednesday, June 17, 2015

E3 2015 - Thoughts, Opinions & Realism

E3 this year has been a virtual cornucopia of surprises, and advancements in gaming. While I didn't dare to stay up past 10pm to catch all the juicy details I did go back, and watch the Youtube trailers, and videos about the E3 events. Like everyone else (mostly everyone else) I found myself pleasantly surprised at many of the future gaming titles that were showcased. In light of the mind blowing spectacles though I noticed that hardly anything new, or of significance to the gamer was announced for this year. There were plenty of 2016, and beyond releases hinted at, but some of these projects will take so long to complete that we may not see them for a few years. What worries me about this, and the many kickstarters that are promising the best of games is that the future is uncertain. I don't mean "uncertain" in the sense that none of us are promised tomorrow, but more so in the sense that the world is on the brink of an economic collapse, and possible war. Even gambling on a year ahead is not a safe bet. Sure I'd like to see these games come to fruition, and be able to play them, but reality dictates what can, and cannot happen.

Without bantering on too much more about the worldly status I would like to go over some games That I'm excited about, games that were shown off in this year's E3. First, and foremost I'm totally sold on "DOOM 4". That is one hell of a game! The fact that it has multiplayer, and a map editor makes me want it even more. I absolutely loved the visceral carnage, and the plentiful demon gore that was displayed. I can't wait to kick demon ass when I buy myself a copy of 'DOOM 4'. Another E3 mention that got me super hyped was the 'Final Fantasy 7' remake. I know it's gonna be years before we see the game's release, but when/if it does get to us gamers what a glorious day that will be. Final Fantasy 7 was the first Playstation RPG I played, and was the reason I got into the RPG genre as much as I have. I spent countless hours, days, and months on the original, and can't wait to revisit it's world in a modern-day visualization.

Other games I'm interested in include 'For Honor', 'The Last Guardian', and 'Nier New Project'. If 'For Honor' is as beautifully rendered as it is shown in the trailer I would not mind getting the game, and enjoying some proper online combat. Knowing Ubisoft's track record for releasing broken, and buggy games does have me worried though. I'm also worried about what DLC practices they might implement as they are known to go heavy on the DLC content. When it comes to 'The Last Guardian' I can't say I've followed it too closely, but visually the screenshots I've seen are impressive, and intriguing. For a JRPG it definitely has my attention. Having played 'Nier' I'm also stoked for what Square Enix, and their newly gained development team has in store for the series. I'm curious to see if it is a reboot since the original wasn't all that great, or if it's a continuation of the plot that was given in the original game releases. It'll be interesting to find out as more news is disclosed.

As of now I've still got some catching up to do on the E3 news, and trailers, but I'll definitely let you know if I spot something worth talking about. There was plenty shown, and no doubt more to come as the E3 follow-ups flood the internet. Be sure to check up on things yourself as well since the information provided can help you best plan which games you want upon release. Until next time I shall type at you later! Game on my friends!

You're Last Samurai,
Brad Carver (OtakuDante)


  1. i read that people in the states have been hard hit with a train of freaky weather lately. what they call the climate change is increasingly aggravated year by year. on top of that what with growing concerns about terrorism and fat chances of a war breaking out any moment the entire world is more and more inhospitable. yikes sounds like im much more of a pessimist than you!

    as i told you yesterday wiiu is the only system i got. so let me focus on its games. wiiu's game drought has been as critical as the california's one. until recently. with devils third finalized well ahead of the schedule i'm not disgruntled about their recent efforts. wiiu rules.

    this is a question ive always wanted to ask someone well up on gaming. in japan if we are asked what kind of RPG we love we typically answer it's either FF or dragon quest. but the latter one never seems to have caught on in the states like FF. could you fill me in on why it didn't?

  2. The weather in the states has definitely been catastrophic in 2015, and the bad thing is that there's plenty more to come. On top of that winter may be bad this year as well. I was personally skeptical about climate change at first, but something is definitely amiss with the natural world.

    The WiiU definitely had my attention, and I had thought seriously about getting one this year, but with Nintendo's next console in the works (NX) it makes me hesitant to even consider it. Things like the new Metroid being released on the NX hints at the fact that the WiiU is obsolete in Nintendo's eyes.

    RPGs, in general have always been a niche genre here in the states since the dawn of the NES. A majority of US gamers have always looked for, and are still looking for fast paced arcade style action adventures, shooters, or fighters. The RPG enthusiasts I know, and have grown up with though liked the Dragon Quest series, and have at least played the couple of PSOne releases that came to the states (myself included). What makes FF stand out above Dragon's Quest though is the underlying fact that it is more well known here. Even non-rpg enthusiasts got in on the hype that surrounded FF7. Hopefully the new Dragon's Quest game that is coming to the states for new-gen consoles will make enough of an impact to revive interest in the series/franchise as Dragon Quest is one of the best JRPGs out of Japan.


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