Monday, June 22, 2015

Pop! Vinyl #43 - Mad Moxxi

I have decided that I am going to try, and pick up at least one 'Pop! Vinyl' toy each month for review, and collecting purposes. The fact that Gamestop has a large, and unique supply of them now in-store really makes them easier for me to find. I have seen some that I'm definitely going to get in the coming months including some 'X-Files' figures as well as some MARVEL/DC ones. With each POP I pick up I'll also share some details about said figures in regards to their quality, and out-of-box nature. I have realized after having picked up a few retailer POPs on my own dime that not all are as perfect as the figures which the PR send out. Some are sloppily painted while others won't stand on their own two feet. The flaws do vary, and as a display type toy this is kind of bothersome especially if you aim to display them outside of the box. With all that aside though let us talk about what FUNKO's Mad Moxxi has to offer you as a collector ...

Mad Moxxi, for those of you who don't know is one of the more well known "Borderlands" NPC (Non-Player Characters). She has provided missions in DLC across all three Borderlands games, and has even made an appearance in TellTale's "Tales from the Borderlands'. I think most of us gamers like Mad Moxxi for her appearance (as shallow as that may be) as well as her sassy attitude within the game. She really commands the scene, and offers something different to the Borderlands lore. Without her I don't think the series would have been as noteworthy as it has become. Of course there are other interesting characters in Borderlands, but for me I personally found a favorite in Mad Moxxi. That's why I chose to add this POP to my growing collection.

When it comes to the Mad Moxxi 'POP! Vinyl' you'll find that she sports the usual build with a larger than life head, and a super small body. It's that Chibi form we've all come to associate with the POP! Vinyl name brand. While her figure portrayal stays physically in tune with her character down to the most minute detail I did find some flaws with her build. On her hat, for example there were unusual plastic abnormalities. Namely rough patches that were painted over. Also on the large over-sized hat were noticeable paint flaws which sort of lessened the overall high quality look of the toy.

As far as the paint theme goes FUNKO kept it as close to the in-game Mad Moxxi as possible, outside of the marked body highlights. She has her signature face paint, her purple outfit, her mad hatter's hat, and that heart tattoo on her chest. The one thing that I didn't like above all else with this toy though aside from the painted flaws was the fact that the head was tilted forward a little more than usual, and that the bottom of the feet weren't completely balanced. The figure could stand on it's own on a flat service, but only slightly so. A simple vibration could easily knock the Mad Moxxi 'POP! Vinyl' off of it's feet. With that being said it's kind of hard to judge this figure. Kept in the box it's alright, but out on display it might not be so great to someone.

With the price tag ($9.99) in mind I usually find it hard to pass up buying POPs regardless of their flawed nature. To a hardcore collector knowing what I've disclosed though that fact might make the asking price a problem. To be totally honest the quality of action figures, and toys in general these days has really declined. The plastic they are made of aren't as great as they once were, and paint jobs are usually flawed. The only toys that I've seen that seem to be constantly perfected are Mattel's 'Hot Wheels' cars, and as a toy those are in a class of their own. If you like the unique variety of subjects, and themes within the 'POP! Vinyls' line-up however you might find this figure worth adding to your collection. As I said earlier there are lots of gamers who love Mad Moxxi, and to find a figure/toy of her is not an easy thing to do, especially one at the $9.99 price mark. To me, with everything weighed this could be a pass, or a buy depending on the person looking to buy it. As such I'll let you decide for yourself if you think Mad Moxxi is worth adding to your 'POP! Vinyl" collection. In closing I hope you enjoy the review, and the accompanying photos. You can expect more reviews in the months to come!

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