Sunday, March 27, 2016

The PSN - PS3 vs PS4

Have you ever wondered what makes the PS4's PSN online multiplayer service worth paying for? Have you ever wondered how the free-to-play online on the PS3 compares to that of the pay-to-play online of the PS4? If you have you are not alone, my friends. I've often times asked myself those very questions. Me being an owner of both consoles. I've often thought to myself, "Why in the hell am I paying for an online gaming service that is burdened by cheaters, and trolls of all sorts?". I just do not understand why people like myself pay for their own aggravation. When it comes to the PS4 I have admittedly spent most of my time gaming on it despite it's upsetting online experience. Much like a grown man beating his head against a brick wall to get a point across I have no one else to blame for that continued grievance but myself as I could easily ditch the PS4, and be done with it. At the same time I want to enjoy it, and I want to get my damn money's worth out of it though! I did pay for it after all.

With the decline in online stability, and the grief issues plaguing the PS4's PSN multiplayer I've often times wondered what gaming is like on last generation's Playstation console? Is it any better? Is it any worse? To test the waters that are the PSN, and to find my answer I decided to make that journey back to the PS3 after a long absence. A journey that was surprising, to say the least ...

If you've followed me online via the social media sites, or even the PSN you will know that I've been complaining a lot about how awful the PS4 multiplayer experience has become. I've talked about grief mongers heckling me online. I've spoken about bad netcode. I've even talked about poor game design in relation to the online offerings of the various multiplayer games. While some of you don't believe me, and likely never will you might find what I have to say next in regards to the PS3's online multiplayer experience a little enlightening, and perhaps even a little disturbing.

When I got back onto my 500GB PS3 Super Slim, and updated all that needed to be updated I played a couple of competitive online games that I thought would help me find my answers. These games included "Street Fighter III: Third Strike", and "Ultra Street Fighter IV". I figured since Capcom's SFV is my biggest gripe at the moment it wouldn't hurt to see how these older games did in comparison to this supposed next big step in the evolution for the Street Fighter franchise. When I got into the online multiplayer of SF3, and played against several high ping opponents (I'm talking above 140 ping) I was met with nothing but solid smooth gameplay. Sure, it was a bit dated, but the game looked, and played beautifully. Nothing to gripe about here ...

Once I'd had enough SF3 matches to satisfy that part of my curiosity I decided to go online with a Street Fighter game that is more up to date in comparison to SFV's launch date. That Street Fighter game being USF4. I went into the online matchmaking, and to my surprise I was getting smooth lag free matches against PS3 players who had a red bar connection (perhaps it was a red bar connection between us?). I experienced no lag at all. I do understand that USF4's ping indicators are inaccurate, but come on! I got into several matches in a row before stopping without so much as a frame rate stutter! This is where I scratched my head, and exclaimed "WTF!?". If PS3 competitive online games are running this smoothly then how the hell am I having issues with an online gaming experience like SFV, or USF4 on the PS4 for that matter. A gaming experience that I'm paying for out of my own damn pocket!?

Needless to say I stopped my investigation, or rather "Retro Journey" right there. It was obvious to me I had found the answer to my burning questions, and that answer is this ... We are being sold a mandatory online gaming service that is sub-par in comparison to it's free-to-play predecessor. Why that is is anyone's guess. This is of course where I stamp my feet like a spoiled little brat, and scream to the top of my lungs in burning rage at Mommy and Daddy Playstation. Why are you (Sony/Playstation) making us pay for a service that pales in comparison to the same service that is offered up freely on the PS3!? WHY!? *ENTER ANGRY BUTTHURT FACE HERE*

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