Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chain Crusher (XBLIG): "A Simple Yet Quite Challenging Shmup"

I've been very fortunate lately to get the support of several developers from the XBLIG, and XBLA community. Micky G. Albert (Mindware Corp./Japan) was one of the few developers that actually sought me out for reviews. I feel honored to have such talented developers contact me, wanting me to review their games. It must mean I'm doing something right. Mindware Corp. (Micky G. Albert) recently released their XBLIG title 'Chain Crusher'. They had contacted me earlier this month letting me know about the new shmup they were going to release. Being the shmup fan that I am I was anxious to see what it was all about ...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Astro Cluster + invAIders XBLIG Code Contest (CLOSED)

Skoddle the developer of 'Astro Cluster', and Martian Face Games the developer of 'invAIders' recently gave me some codes to giveaway to my readers/followers. I have already given away two of the 'Astro Cluster' codes here on the site, but I have one left. I also have 4 'invAIders' codes to giveaway. I decided to do the contest through my youtube channel this time around, but since some of my readers/followers don't have a youtube channel I decided to allow comments on this blog post as well.

The rules of the contest are simple. All I want you to do is tell me about something impressive you have done in a video game. The more impressive the better your odds of winning will be. The contest will end this friday (Sept. 2). On Saturday I will read through all of the entries/comments, and decide on my 5 winners. The most impressive comment/entry will get their choice of either the Astro Cluster code, or one of the invAIders codes. The remaining winners will get what's left over. Remember to leave your Twitter Username if you enter here on my blog ;)

*NOTE* You Can Enter Here On The Blog/Under This Post, or On My Youtube Video That's On MY Youtube Channel: Youtube Astro Cluster + invAIders Contest

I wish all of my followers/readers the best of luck!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Jump Hero (XBLIG): "Trippy Speed Jumping Fun"

Before I give my review I would like to warn gamers who are sensitive to flashy lights/pictures. This game has an immense amount of flashing colors, and lights so do be careful if you choose to play it.

I have actually been anxiously awaiting this game's release since I watched the developer's trailer of it. The gameplay reminded me a lot of 'Rainbow Runner' which I had reviewed earlier this year. What really caught my attention though was the dancing girl in the background (I'm no perv ^.^). It just looked really cool to me. The game is quite simple, but it definitely requires some quick reflexes and skill. There are several different levels in the game that weren't shown in the trailer, and they were all very cool. The main goal of the game is to jump, and fly across building like towers. This simple sounding feat is anything but that. You will encounter triangles, circles, and walls that will take away your lives. You will also face the possibility of falling into oblivion. This unique XBLIG title by 'Silver Dollar Games' will likely have you playing for hours. The fact that you can share the experience with friends using a single controller deepens the gaming experience.

T.E.C. 3001 (XBLIG): "Virtual Reality Presented In A Most Excellent Way"

I realize that I have bragged on almost every game I have reviewed (and those titles definitely deserve the praise), but 'T.E.C. 3001 really takes the cake. This virtual reality based parkour style game seriously delivers on many levels. The visual presentation is both crisp, and features XBLA worthy graphics/gameplay. In fact it truly puzzles me as to why this game didn't make it into the XBLA game library? Whatever the case may be I bet future buyers of this game will likely be happy with it's place in the XBLIG kingdom. It definitely means you're getting more bang for your buck (or microsoft points in this case).

Friday, August 26, 2011

Cute Things Dying Violently (XBLIG): "A Serious Puzzle Game With A Lot Of Humor"

ApathyWorks is the developer behind this morbidly hilarious XBLIG title. I could not stop laughing as the little blue dudes used 4 letter words just before meeting their untimely demise. Does that make me a bad person??? At one point I could have even sworn I heard a girl's voice come from one of the little dudes that said something naughty. Handling the little blue guys will definitely get you called a pervert & such in this game. Cute Things Dying Violently will have you laughing for sure before it's all said, and done. If your more of the serious type though you can tone down the vulgarities, and focus on the puzzles that really make this game unique. The game features both singleplayer, and multiplayer modes for a good variety of gameplay. A level editor is also available for those diabolical geniuses who can't wait to construct a torturous level for the poor little blue fellows. Whatever your preferred method of play may be in this game I can assure you that there will be blood ...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

After Dusk (XBLIG): "A Pixelated Sci-fi/Horror Survival Platformer"

Nowadays you will notice a lot of copies when it comes to new games, or even movies. This was not the case with 'After Dusk'. I was greatly impressed by Rickettz Studio's (aka, Angel Of Osmond's) new XBLIG title 'After Dusk'. The gameplay which revolves around the absence/lack of light, is presented in a totally new way. I have never seen a platformer use the pixelated darkness the way Rickettz Studios has. The game's pixelated design also seems unique to other indie platformers I have reviewed. The story/plot of 'After Dusk' is epic, and not overwhelming. Rickettz Studios did an excellent job in every aspect of this game.

Space Bat (XBLIG): "Retro-Style Brick Breaking Fun!"

I've probably mentioned this more than once, but I have played many different types of games throughout my gaming career. Among those games I've played various types of brick breaking games. If you're a PC gamer you probably have as well. Dont Press X, the developer of 'Space Bat' has redefined that genre of games with a game that pays total homage to a few retro classics. This take on the brick breaking (arkanoid/breakout) features an invaders/galaxian theme, with pac-man as the ball. Space Bat even takes the sound effects from those classic titles, and incorporates them into the gameplay. This is truly one of the best brick breaking titles out there, and the retro elements really make this game stand out.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

invAIders (XBLIG): "Puts the AI in Invaders"

I was recently contacted by Martian Face Games about doing a review on their new XBLIG title 'invAIders'. I had actually passed up asking for a review code on this game, because I didn't know what it was really about. I'm definitely glad that Martian Face Games contacted me. After playing a couple of hours worth of the game I was truly impressed. This game really sports the 'AI (Artificial Intelligence)' game mechanics that the game's title suggests. As you play you'll find that the enemy ships adapt in very intelligent ways in order to defeat you in the easiest possible way. There are to modes of gameplay in this shmup, as well as an AI reset in case you wish to start over from scratch.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Astro Cluster XBLIG Code Contest 2!!!

I'm a huge fighting game fanatic as most of you know by now, so I thought I'd incorporate that interest of mine into today's contest. Like I mentioned before, this will be different from the trivia based contest of yesterday. The contest will also last until 8pm EST tonight. All you have to do to win the Astro Cluster Code is name the most fighting games. These can be from any console, arcade, or even imports. Only 1 comment per person will be allowed. In the event of a tie, I will decide on a tie-breaker to decide the winner. I wish all my readers the best of luck! Let The Game Begin!!! ...

*NOTE* Leave your Twitter username in the comment so I have a way to contact you if you win. The winner can join @Skoddle, myself, and some fellow reviewers/gamers for an Astro Cluster game night this coming Saturday at 8pm EST/EDT. Contact @Skoddle through Twitter to find out details on the game night, and to let him know you would like to join in. If you buy the game you can also join in, just let us know that you want to. The more players we have the better!

Lucky Game (XBLIG): "Golf + Slot Machines = Lots Of Luck"

In my years as a gamer I have played about every type of video game you could imagine. I've even enjoyed the occassional solitaire card game on my PC. Once in my life I even played the digital slot machines at a casino. Lucky Soft the developers of 'Lucky Game' brought this simple, and legal pleasure of gambling to the Xbox 360 console. This XBLIG game features a new twist on the already random slot machine style of gaming. If your into the casino scene then this type of game might be for you.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Raventhorne (XBLIG): "Norse Mythology For The New Age"

Milkstone Studios, a very well known XBLIG developer recently released 'Raventhorne' on the Xbox Live Marketplace. This very unique, and beautifully rendered game is based on the Norse mythology surrounding the event called Ragnarok. For those of you who have never read or heard of Ragnarok, it is basically an end of the world scenario where all the Norse Gods will die in a battle against some mythological dieties/creatures. It's an all out war to until the very end. If you ever get a chance to visit the library I definitely suggest checking out some literature on the subject. It makes for some very fun reading. Milkstone's version of the event isn't a direct literature to game translation, but I found this to only enhance the quality of the game. Copying an old myth would only make things dull. Milkstone brings this Norse tale to life in an epic way that's worthy of the mythology it's based on.

Motorbike Stunt Agent Julie (

Very rarely do I get so involved in playing a low budget game that I can't stop playing through it. Motorbike Stunt Agent Julie will most likely be one of those diamonds in the rough that gamers will pass up, but I'm here to tell you this game is hot!!! While it looks simple in the screenshots, and gameplay videos this game has so much more to it. I know by this point I'm probably sounding like I'm trying to sell the game for the developer, but I promise you this is not the case. When I first layed eyes on this game I thought to myself this might be mediocre, but I was way wrong.

Astro Cluster XBLIG Game Code Contest 1!!!

Skoddle, the developer of 'Astro Cluster' has given me 3 codes for the full game to giveaway to 3 of my readers. Those of you who have followed my blog probably know that I love to do trivia based contests. This time around only one of the game codes will be given away through trivia though. The remaing two codes will require different methods for entry. I will begin with the trivia based contest first ...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Inferno! (XBLIG): "A True Tribute To Classic Gaming"

Most likely those who read my review blog have either played, or owned some of the Sega Genesis games. Inferno! takes all the retro gaming goodness from that era in gaming, and presents it in a new way. If I had to compare this game with another it would be something along the lines of PAC-MAN, and a shmup combined. The music in the game pays homage to classic games such as the megaman series. The passcode system that allows you to continue where you left off was also used in games back then. After playing the game for a while I was quite impressed with what I experienced.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pajamorama (XBLIG): "Something Borrowed, Something New ..."

By now most of you who have followed my tweets, watched my youtube gameplay videos, or read my reviews here have learned that I love fighting games. Most of you probably aren't aware of how extensive my fighting game history is though. I have played about every fighting game series that has been released, and even some import titles. I'm a long time Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat player as well. I love new fighting game concepts even if they are low budget productions. It's nice to see indie game developers such as Dannobot Games take an interest in making unique fighting game experiences such as 'Pajamorama'. This fighting game actually features hand drawn art by Dan Manning (dannobot games), and music by Mike Cecelski. While the game isn't Street Fighter it does offer a fun gaming experience plus some extras that alot of the XBLIG titles are without these days.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kick'n It (XBLIG): "Hacky Sack Avatar Style!!!"

Kick'n It! Is a score based hacky sack game that uses the gamers Xbox Live avatars. It was created, and developed by Brent Kollmansberger of K-dog Games. You might recognize some of Brent's contributions to the gaming communtiy through titles he worked on such as Klingon Academy,  Ultimate Spiderman, 007 Quantum of Solace, and Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. He previously worked for Activision's Luxoflux studios, but started K-dog Studio after it's closure. His debut XBLIG title Kick'n It! takes everything about hacky sack, and makes a fun game that a gamer can enjoy alone or with friends/family. This trick based game features several modes of play in both single, and 2 player modes. The score based gameplay adds a competitive edge that will make for some decent competition between players. You'll also find that the game is accented by beautifully rendered, photo-realistic landscapes and monuments. This game offers a solid package of fun with a high replay value.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Blow Me Up (XBLIG): "An Explosive Experiment In Love/Hate Relationships"

I'll begin by saying that this game is a bit on the 'mature' side of things. Not only does it involve a blow-up doll, but the messages the doll sends you are a bit on the naughty side of things. I wouldn't say it was straight out, in-your-face kind of stuff but it'll definitely be obvious to the older gamers. This game involves a rather odd looking little dude, a pig, and a blow-up doll who have unwillingly been subjected to someone's cruel experiments. There are 30 levels of explosive, and bloody gameplay that invloves the little guy getting blown up from one point to the next. To win you must launch the little dude across obstacles to get him to a pool of water. His pet pig also plays a role where blowing up chickens, and cows is required. The ultimate goal is to reunite with your lost companions, and score a 3 star rating on each of the game's levels if at all possible.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Parasitus: Ninja Zero (XBLIG): "Significant Game Update"

I've got good news for all of those gamers out there who purchased 'Parasitus: Ninja Zero'. This morning the Australian developer 'Heart Attack Machine' informed me that there was an update that he applied to the game. That update is currently active, and available once you start up the game. While the developer gave me no specifics as to what the update included I did a second playthrough to see if I could notice any changes. In my playthrough I definitely noticed some changes that made the game much more enjoyable, and user friendly. Here's a list of the things I noticed:

Start Menu

- List of Combos
- Visual Controller Layout


- Enemies were much easier to defeat
- No need to pass through the knights to kill them (shields can be knocked off)
- Brighter/Enhanced Graphics
- Easier/Quicker Movement
- Easier Wall Jumping
- Mid-Level Checkpoints

Friday, August 12, 2011

Moon Cheese (XBLIG): "When Goblins Evolve"

Moon Cheese has got to be one of the most original XBLIG titles I have played yet. WhampiGames the developer of Moon Cheese definitely had a great imagination when designing this game. The arcade style gameplay in Moon Cheese is both addictive, and simple. It'll definitely have you coming back for more. I found that there was no actual written story in Moon Cheese explaining what's going on, but I think I've got it figured out. From the looks of things the goblin village scientist has built himself a rocket, and intends on leaving his fellow goblin villagers in a dust cloud. Unfortunately for this scientific shaman he's having a difficult time keeping the rocket from plummeting back to the ground. With the aid of his mindless goblin companions who are carrying gun powder kegs upon their backs, he tries over and over again to blast his self into orbit. Of course you could say he is probably looking for that winged 'Moon Cheese' that hovers high above their heads, but the interpretation however is up the the gamer ...

Zombies Ruined My Day (XBLIG): "A Love Story Complicated By An Undead Infestation"

Zombies Ruined My Day is an XBLIG title that was developed by Mancebo Games. If you have read my earlier reviews they are also the developer that created 'Mechanoid Army'. Mancebo Games has an excellent reputation of delivering quality games with superb graphics. I had contacted Mancebo Games months ago in hopes of securing a review code for this game. I found them to be very kind, and generous. The fact that they allowed me to do a review of their older game 'Mechanoid Army' was a huge plus. I have spent a few days playing through 'Zombies Ruined My Day', and found that it's not a game that can be easily rushed through. I'm definitely proud to deliver the review of this truly awesome XBLIG title to you guys ...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

WispLisp Array of List (XBLIG): "A Surreal, Dreamy & Nightmarish Shmup"

I had actually expected WispLisp Array of Lisp's story to actually be translated in English, but that's what I get for assuming. Since there is no way for me to properly translate the game's story I'm going to have to wing it for this review. WispLisp Array of List was created by 'Alpha Secret Base' a Japanese game developer, and was originally released as a Windows/PC title. Recently it was released as an XBLIG title for 80 microsoft points. With my keen observations I found that the story's main character which is a young girl, somehow ended up in a dream world. Aside from that fact I know little else. The WispLisp part of the title likely refers to the to dream states that the main character finds herself in. There is a bright heavenly like dream version of the levels where the enemies shoot slowly, and then there's a nightmarish version where the bullet hell action intensifies. Unlike most shmups that give you a certain amount of lives, or health this one has a timer that counts down. If you get hit 40 seconds will be deducted from your time. There are ways to regain time, but you'll find that even on easy mode this game is quite challenging. The game features multiple difficulty modes that include 'Easy', 'Normal (Nomal)', 'Hard', and 'Endless'.

Goblyn Stomp (XBLIG): "Old Fashioned Pest Control"

Very rarely do I get to play a game that is this unique. The developer (Mountain Folk Software) behind 'Goblyn Stomp' created this simple yet fun experience that held my attention. The game features an art style like that of an old black & white cartoon. The music even appears to be influenced by such a source. As the gamer you take on the role of Chap Scaliwag, a shopkeeper who's business has been plagued by a goblyn infestation. The main goal of the game isn't to totally eradicate the goblyn population, but instead it's to survive as long as you can. These goblyn fiends will constantly try to bite our gentleman hero as he stomps, canes, and blows them up with remote mines.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Revolver360 (XBLIG): "A Nex-Gen Revolving Shoot 'em Up"

I'll begin by saying that Revovler360 is one of the most unique shmups available today. It was developed, and created by 'Cross Eaglet' in 2010. I am a bit late on getting the review out there, but I just started my site this year. I figured it was a good idea to backtrack a bit, and get some reviews of past XBLIG titles out to you guys. While searching the XBLIG library of games I came across 'Revolver360', and was determined to do a review of it. I ended up contacting the developer, and got lucky enough to receive a review code for this one-of-a-kind shmup.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Freddy Krueger: "MK9's Worst Nightmare"

Just when I thought the online gameplay in Mortal Kombat (MK9) couldn't get any worse, the developers of the game added 'Freddy Krueger' into the fray. Normally most players would welcome this hellish denizen of dreams to the roster of blood thirsty MK9 kombatants, but in this case NetherRealm Studios really screwed things up. Freddy invades the game with super cheesy spamming combos that can be executed at long range, and close range. It may just be my imagination, but he also seems to be a lot quicker than the rest of the MK9 characters?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Dragoon (XBLIG): "A Simple Yet Beautifully Rendered XBLIG Fighter"

Many of those who know me, both online and offline realize how much of a fighting game fanatic I am. I've played many different fighting games in my years as a dedicated gamer. In fact most of my money has went towards supporting that particular gaming hobby of mine. Today I researched past XBLIG fighting game titles, and discovered a game called 'Dragoon'. Dragoon is an XBLIG fighting game that was developed by 'XELF'. When I first watched the trailer it reminded me of Killer Instinct mixed with Soul Calibur. Needless to say my undivided attention was immediately turned to seeking out the developer's permission to review this game. I was definitely glad they had a spare review code, and that they were kind enough to share the game with me.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mortal Kombat (2011): "Finishing Moves List (Xbox 360)"

I've decided to do an MK9 finishing moves list for all those Xbox 360 gamers out there. I realize how hard it can be finding all these finishing moves online, and deciphering them for your specific console. I will include a button key to help you out as well.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Parasitus: Ninja Zero (XBLIG): "A Next-Gen 2D Adventure Game Tribute"

Parasitus: Ninja Zero is a game by the XBLIG developer 'Heart Attack Machine'. It pays homage to the classic 2D side-scrolling adventure games of old. In fact you'll find that a lot of the game's elements are similar to games like Castlevania, and Contra. Unlike those games I found the graphics in Parasitus to be much better, and they seemed to be done in HD. Whether or not that is the case I don't know. The game's plot is told without words, but with a visual 2D story that pretty much lets you know what's going on. It seems that the hero of the game was blasted back in time from 20XX following a conflict against an unknown alien race. As this hero/ninja you must eradicate the aliens/undead that populate the game. There was no actual ingame dialogue stating this, but the cinematic intro spoke for itself.

Mortal Kombat (Xbox 360): "Out of the SSFIV Frying Pan & Into the Fire"

Most of you that follow me on Twitter, or Youtube know that I have major issues with fighting game spammers, and online gaming tomfoolery (foolishness ^.^). When I pay $64 for a game I expect the online mode to be enjoyable. Mortal Kombat totally fails in this area. The main reason I got Mortal Kombat was for the online mode. I had recently owned it for the PS3, but never actually got to play online due to the Sony hacking incident.  I figured that since the game was getting so much good hype that it would be worth buying again. I was definitely anxious to try the online since I had missed out earlier.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Who Is God? (XBLIG): "Heavenly Tower Jumping"

Magiko Gaming the developers behind intense XBLIG titles like 'Platformance: Temple Death', and 'Platformance: Castle Pain' brings you 'Who Is God?'. It is a competitive game in which you must bounce your way to the heavens, and see who is truly the God of online gaming. As the Gamer/God you can choose from four different Deities. These Gods of different cultures, and backgrounds include God/Zeus?, Ganesha, Buddha, and an Alien (for those who don't want to go with an actual God). Instead of shooting for hi-scores your goal is actually to see who can bounce the highest (in km/kilometers) via various types of floating platforms. This goal is further complicated by a limited amount of boost jumps which you can earn by collecting different types of stars. The game is solely based on leaderboards (online & local), hence the title 'Who Is God?'. If you plan on making the top score you will need to focus on star collecting, and landing properly on the right platforms ...