Saturday, September 27, 2014

Natural Doctrine (PS3/PS4/PS VITA)

I was truly baffled by this particular NISA release. It was about as simple in design as it gets in the area of story development, and gameplay. While the game did have it's slight visual perks in the way of art options, and in-game character design the lack of the usual NISA cutscenes really hurt the game's potential. The added fact that the gameplay was geared around long dull fights against a handful advantageous of enemies at a time also did the game a huge disservice. I will however say that the RPG mechanics were innovative enough to grab my attention, and for what it's worth they worked pretty darn well. I just wish that the character's were more fleshed out, and that their story was equally as so.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

CastleStorm: Definitive Edition (PS4)

Longtime fans of the 'Worms', and 'Angry Birds' franchises can now rejoice knowing that a new competitor to the genre has re-emerged on the Playstation 4 console in an all inclusive definitive edition. The Monty Python style ballista shooting arcade game makes a triumphant return with enhanced graphics, all of the former DLC, and some new features exclusive to the PS4 gaming experience. You'll find Sir Gareth, and his king once again trying to thwart Rufus's plan to lead the opposing viking hordes to victory. You'll meet tons of wacky characters in plenty of silly cutscenes as the plot thickens in more ways than one. You'll even get to utilize Zen Studio's own unique brand of weaponry as you try to keep your own kingdom stronghold (aka, castle) intact. There's plenty to do, and perfection to achieve should one be brave enough to take the challenge head-on. While the gameplay remains same as before you will find that this definitive edition lives up to it's name, and that it is aimed at the audience who might have missed out the first time around.

Destiny (PS4) - Thoughts & Opinions + Clan Details

Hello all ye Destiny enthusiasts! Welcome to my official thoughts, opinions, and clan recruitment article! As many of you likely know by now I'm deep into my first Destiny playthrough on the PS4. In fact I'm rank 23 at the moment. As far as character classes go I chose to go with the hunter class from the start, and have not regretted my choice since. While I have run into some issues along the way regarding gameplay I have found the game to be a mostly pleasant experience. My only complaints lie with the ridiculously hard boss fights that are only hard, because of the swarms of re-spawning lesser enemies that appear, and the fact that some of the designed in-game terrain can cause issues when you are attempting to get away from the fray for some health recovery. Other than that everything is peachy king.

When it comes to game, and genre comparison you'll find that if you've ever played Borderlands you'll have a good idea as to what type of game Destiny is. While it does have some signature HALO FPS action, some CoD bits, and some Borderlands style RPG elements the game does good to stand on it's own two metaphorical feet though. You'll be taking on repeated co-op missions with your three man/woman fireteam across a handful of planets including Earth, the Moon, Venus, and Mars in hopes of scoring better equipment for your custom created character. Once you level up through consecutive playthroughs you'll also unlock a multiplayer mode known as the 'Crucible' in which you'll find some CoD-like modes as well as some competitive modes more akin to the HALO experience. Whether you like co-op games, or like going all out in the competitive sense you'll more than likely find yourself enjoying what Destiny has to offer. One thing to keep in mind when playing Destiny is that the good things come to those who wait, namely those who get to rank 20, or beyond with their chosen character.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Arcana Heart 3 Love Max!!!!! (PS3/PS VITA)

Oddly enough this was my first time playing an 'Arcana Heart' game. I had often times thought about paying $29.99 for the former digital PSN release, but never did due to nature of the gamble I'd be taking. Forking over $30 dollars for a digital fighter can be sort of iffy, if you know what I mean? Regardless of my choice not to get the game at the time though I still thought that it looked interesting enough for a fighter. The fact that it featured an all girl roster comprised of the wackiest sort of anime characters definitely had my attention. The rarity of the game itself even intrigued me. It's not often that you get to see anime fighters such as the Arcana Heart series released here in the states, and when they are released they are few, and far between. I think that fact alone played a huge role in my seeking out of this latest re-release for review purposes. I was definitely curious to see how it stood up against modern fighting games, and was anxious to find out if it was a solid experience in regards to the genre. The gaming gods know I've seen my fair share of failed fighting game creations, and I was hoping that this would not follow that trend. Thankfully after giving it some time I think I've grown to like it quite a bit, quite a lot if I do say so myself!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Let's Talk - "Pre-Orders, Niche Games & the CoD Phenomenon"

Last night while shopping at Gamestop I had an interesting conversation with an employee about pre-orders, and their importance to game sales. We talked about the pro's mostly, and never really discussed the negative effects that it could have on sales, or the gaming industry. When it comes to pre-orders I'm personally not entirely against them, and I'm not entirely for them. I think in some instances they can really hurt the industry, and in others they offer the customer some additional physical merchandise worth having, and collecting. On the negative side of the debate you'll find that developers, and publishers are now basing their retail copy production, and distribution on pre-order sales alone. The problem with this practice is that not all games are going to be blockbuster hits like 'Destiny', or 'Call of Duty'. Not every genre of video games, or video games in general are going to bring in that sort of income, especially when said game is categorized amongst the gaming community as a "niche" title. With that being said though there is still a thriving market for good, and I stress "GOOD" niche games.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Funko Mystery Minis - "1 Rare & 1 Common Variant!!!"

Just recently the local Walmart began carrying a different variety of Funko toys including different types of the usual 'POP! Vinyls' as well as some newly introduced 'Mystery Minis', and 'ReAction' adult figures. Being the Funko 'POP! Vinyls' fan that I am I couldn't pass up the opportunity for some new review material, and collectibles to add to my growing collection. This time around I decided to take a gamble with a couple of Funko's Mystery Minis figures/bobble heads, and an 'Alien' ReAction figure which I'll be reviewing a little later on. I picked up a series 2 "The Walking Dead" Mystery Mini, and a "Guardians of the Galaxy (the title reminds me of Destiny ^.^)" Mystery Mini bobble head figure. What you have to understand about these types of Funko toys, and my purchases aside from the fact that they are a "mystery" is that the toys are randomly packaged. You could score a common figure, an uncommon one, or even a rare one. Surprisingly enough I scored one of the rarer Mystery Mini figures you could get for the "Walking Dead" series, and a common one from the "Guardians of the Galaxy" series. In "The Walking Dead" box I got the glow-in-the-dark bloody zombie, and in the "Guardians of the Galaxy" box I got the common 'Ronan' figure. It was a truly pleasant surprise to get the glow-in-the-dark zombie, and is one that will go down in pure luck history ... for me anyways.

Monday, September 15, 2014

KickBeat Special Edition (PS4)

Those of you have stuck with me from the beginning will more than likely recall my review of the PS3, and PS Vita versions of the original "KickBeat". I had accused the game of being too visually, and functionally complex. You had to mind too many things at once, and do so to mostly fast paced music. Features such as the rhythm based mechanics didn't really sync up with most of the songs being played out. Marilyn Manson's song, "Beautiful People", for example did not fit the rhythm based gameplay at all due to it's mostly vocal nature, and faster than normal drum play. Normally in a rhythm game developers will sync actions up to beats, or the thump of the bass to ensure that the gamer can follow the game without trouble. In the case of "KickBeat" though they chose to use everything from beats to vocals as focal points with the rhythm mechanics. Another issue I had with the original game was the fact that they started the first levels of the game off with some of the most difficult songs to follow. It was issues like these that ultimately kept me from completing a full playthrough, and recommending the game to my readers. Sadly, after returning as a next-gen rehash the game still carries with it the same issues that I found before. The only differences I noticed were the upgraded graphics, sound quality, and possibly some new unlockable content.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Devil's Charm - "The Cursed Bracelet"

During a "Destiny" conversation with Stephanie (aka, @IRGRL) this morning I noticed she tweeted a link to her online jewelry store. At the mention of her products I myself was inspired to share with you the same link on my own timeline as well as share with you a special bracelet I crafted myself during my own jewelry making days. While I'm gonna share my own crafts with you please do my friend Stephanie a favor as well, and visit the link to her jewelry that she has posted on her Twitter timeline. She's an excellent jewelry designer, and could use the funds she earns from sales for modest reasons. Also give her a follow while your at it as she is one of the most Awesome gamers I've had the pleasure of meeting online.

Friday, September 12, 2014

OtakuDante's Art 9/12/2014

Stare in amazement at the wondrous penmanship that went into this glorious masterpiece!!! Just kidding, LOL! I just thought I'd share with you a piece of art I did today. I hope you enjoy it even though it is a bit sloppy. It's a 5 minute drawing, not some well designed DaVinci sketch. Btw, I hope everyone is having an Awesome start to their weekend. I know some of you are at school, or are working today. Hopefully work won't be too hard for you, and you can get some proper R&R this weekend ...

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fairy Fencer F (PS3)

Abounding in compelling content, and vibrant with attention getting art "Fairy Fencer F" aims to draw the gamer in with a new story built upon old standards. Like 'Neptunia', and 'Mugen Souls' you will find that this latest JRPG has some elements slightly akin to those previously mentioned series. Along with the old does come the new though. This time around the main protagonists are bound by mystical relationships that harken back to an epic battle between a Goddess, and a Vile God. Ending the fight in a stalemate eons before the main protagonist came to fulfill his role both deities were left impaled by hundreds of furies (swords), and were imprisoned by each other's actions with only the fairies that were left behind to share their tale. Fencers who prove worthy to carry the furies are destined come to the aid of the imprisoned fairies contained within, and in doing so form a mutually binding relationship meant to free one of the two deities. Of course it goes with out saying that there is a wish to be granted as well once the said deity of choice is freed. In the end it is up to you, and those you choose as companions to release either one deity, or the other. Thus letting the world's fate be decided by those who added that spark to life in the first place.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Ed. - "Hints & Tips"

For those of you just now jumping into Diablo 3's hellish adventure there are a few hints, and tips you might want to consider when facing off against the lesser, and greater evils of the burning hells, and the high heavens. The world of Sanctuary, as it is known in Diablo lore is a treasure trove of equipment, weapons, gold, and other items of value. While you can collect a lot of items on your epic journey into the maelstrom the amount you can carry with you, and can store away are limited. As such choosing what to keep, and what to do away with will take some educated management on your behalf. Aside from item management I'll also be disclosing details on how to score the most gold as well as which character is best for beginners. Keep in mind there's a lot that goes into a Diablo 3 playthrough, and that you can invest an exceptional amount of time experiencing all that the game has to offer. It's best to make the most of each, and every playthrough as your in-game rewards can be grand in scale should you choose to do so.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

USFIV - "Prize Code Update"

I know I promised to keep on top of the USFIV prize codes, but life has a funny way of putting a journalist in the dark sometimes. During late last month, and early this month my online services were knocked offline due to modem complications, and lightning strikes. It was a learning lesson in how one can become isolated from the worldly happenings. Regardless of these electronic mishaps I'm online for the time being though, and will gladly share with all you fighting game fans the latest USFIV (Ultra Street Fighter IV) prize codes. Keep in mind that the codes are multi-use, and can be used by numerous USFIV players. At this time I know of no limitations, or expiration dates. After tracking down the codes I actually found a USFIV title amongst them that was to my liking, and have assigned it since then. This title I speak of is of course a motto I completely believe in, and it is "You Need Spanking". I dish out online spankings as often as I can in USFIV, and feel accomplished when I can do so. I hope you too can find a favorite prize code title amongst the lot, and that you flaunt it when beating the bejeezus out of your online opponents. That's what USFIV titles are there for, after all!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Velocity 2X (PS VITA/PS4)

Objective gameplay comes in a wide variety of different themes within the world of gaming. Some games are meant for a quick in, and out session of arcade style scoring while others offer the gamer a more in-depth experience complete with such things as a story, fleshed out characters, or even an action packed adventure. When it comes to Futurlab's "Velocity" series the developer chose to combine the previously mentioned arcade style of gameplay with applied adventuring details, but in a way that was not intrusive to the intended fast paced experience. Initially the "Velocity" series, and it's unique take on the action-adventure/shmup genre began as a humble indie game under the PS3's 'Minis' label. Later, as the game became more popular, and gained more attention from the gaming community it moved on to the PS Vita under a slightly different title with upgraded graphics, and features. This of course eventually led to the latest iteration of "Velocity which continued the tale of those involved in Futurlab's unique Scifi universe.

The current tale of 'Velocity (aka, "Velocity 2X)' takes in account 'Lt. Kai Tana's" collision with a black hole, and her arrival in an alien inhabited universe filled with oppressed Jintinden slaves, and Vokh oppressors. Lieutenant Kai Tana ends up coming to the aid of the alien slaves, and tries her best to free them with the help of a Jintinden alien scientist named Ralan who is taking a more scientific approach to overthrowing his races' captors. As with the previous 'Velocity' you will be piloting the infamous"Quarp Jet" while going on rescue missions, taking out the bad guys/gals, and gathering the resources needed for the Jintinden's uprising. Along with the return shmup style gameplay you'll also get the chance to run in the shoes of Lt. Kai Tana as she goes above, and beyond her duty to do the right thing by a race of beings she has only just begun to understand. Of course it goes without saying that Kai Tana's home planet, Earth is also at stake in the grand scheme of things as well.