Sunday, July 31, 2011

Super Street Fighter IV: AE "The Failing State of Capcom's Fighting Games"

Those of you who have taken the time to read my reviews have most likely read my 'SSFIV:AE' review. I have many issues with the SSFIV game, and the online gaming it offers. Capcom's release of the 'Arcade Edition' was deemed as the 'hardcore' players version. It is anything but that. What Capcom has done is taken a halfway decent game, and made it even worse. The extra characters such as Yun, and Yang only made the online spamming population even more unbearable. Yun, and Yang's quick jab combos make for an inescapable mess. Capcom should learn from the upcoming 'Skull Girls' XBLA fighting game and make a break system for such combos. This is the only way I see Capcom reviving themselves from this major letdown of a release. In fact if SSFIV:AE is any hint at what the online gameplay of 'Street Fighter x Tekken' is going to be then they are going to fail miserably. Another point I want to make is that the computer opponent A.I. in SSFIV:AE has been made to mirror some of the worst players you will encounter in online SSFIV gaming. The computer opponent will constantly spam fireballs/projectiles, as well as other special moves. They will also dish out the inescapable throw combos, and the crowding that you see from the bad players of SSFIV. If this is what Capcom calls 'hardcore' gaming then you can count me out!

Phase Runner (XBLIG): "A Terrain Changing Avatar Runner"

Phase Runner is a unique XBLIG title with 3D style visuals that was recently released on the Xbox 360 by thelostone (The developer). It features a unique style gameplay as well as soothing relaxing music that is accented by a female's voice. Aside from that fact this is one of the only XBLIG titles out there that incorporates your Xbox 360 avatar into the game. Phase Runner takes shmup style gameplay, removes the bullets, and turns it into a running/escape type of game. The forever changing terrain that lies underneath your feet definitely presents a challenge.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Trailer Park King (XBLIG): "The Next Evolution In Trailer Park Humor"

Freelance Games recently released their new XBLIG game 'Trailer Park King' for 80 msp. I had played the trial before asking them for a review code. The trial made me laugh so hard I couldn't resist a chance to see the full game, and deliver my verdict to you guys. While the simple art style may turn away most gamers, I found that there was something special about this title. Freelance Games did an excellent job in telling this strange, and unique tale of a guy named 'King' ...

Bureau - Agent Kendall (XBLIG): "A Sexy FBI Thriller"

I have never played a game like this in my entire life. This is definitely not a bad thing. The developer, ggaler was kind enough to allow me to review his unique, and visually impressive FBI thriller. The execution, and realistic elements that he included in this game were top-notch. I'd even go as far as to say that this game was XBLA quality. The subject matter, and short length of the game probably played a role in it becoming an XBLIG title though ...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

VORPAL (XBLIG): "Bullet Hell At It's Finest"

Vorpal is probably the most unique bullet hell shmup I have ever played. The game mechanics, and unique art design make Red Wolf one of the most impressive shmup developers out there. The game features a story mode in which you get to know all 6 characters, and their background stories. It also features a versus mode for 1-on-1 sessions with an A.I. opponent. Vorpal offers a challenge that will take most hardcore shmup players by surprise. It even gave me rough time, and I'm an experienced shmup player ...

Monday, July 25, 2011

SOUL(XBLIG): "A Creepy Journey to Heaven, or Hell"

SOUL is a creepy, and somewhat disturbing puzzle/maze game that was developed by KYDOS Studios. I sought out a review for this XBLIG title, because it was a video game with a horror twist. Aside from gaming I also love scary movies, and SOUL brings both forms of media together to make a terrifying yet satisfying experience. As a human soul you must make your way through several different mazes in order to reach heaven. Reaching that destination can become quite difficult at times. The challenging mazes in SOUL are brought to life with stunning visuals, and ambient sounds. You'll find that there's also a scary surprise that looms in the darkness of the game waiting for you ...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tourist Trap (XBLIG): "Point & Click Adventure Madness"

From the creator that brought you 'The Mind's Eye of Jupiter' (Travis Rogers/Domain of the Infinite) comes a new twisted tale of an intergalactic museum haunted by a Jackalope. This point and click adventure takes you into a literal tourist trap called the 'Tower of Mystery'. Once you step inside, and accept your ticket you are unwillingly caught in the middle of a giant puzzle. In order to get out you'll have to combine, and use items from the museum. It's up to you to escape the Jackalope's wrath.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Plague (XBLIG): "Retro Run 'N Gun 2D Platforming Shooter"

Contagious Games the developer behind this unique solo/multiplayer game was kind enough to allow me to do a review of it. From the attached message I got with the review code I could tell Matheryn (One of the 7 Developers) was a cool guy. Contagious Game's XBLIG title 'Plague' brings all the retro fun back in the form of video game parodies. The game consists of five different levels that each contain three stages, and a multiplayer Deathmatch mode (1-4 Players). There are epic boss battles to be fought, and a wide variety of weapons to pick up. As you play the campaign you will take on the evil virus that threatens to plunge the world into another dark age via the only working computer. In your quest to rid the world of this threat you will play as one of 4 unique AI bots, and can share the experience with a friend (1-4 Player co-op) ...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Cannon (XBLIG): "Intense Immobile Cannon Conflict"

The Cannon is a 1-4 player shmup type of game with an overhead view that features a unique combat system. It has both single player, and multiplayer modes with multiple options, and unlockable content. This simple looking overhead shmup style shooter is anything but simple. You will face intense waves of enemies in the quest to save your country's most prized possession, 'The Cannon' ...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

OtakuDante: "My Gaming History"

Since I've got some extra time between reviews I thought I'd share my gaming history with you guys. It's quite complex, so sit back, relax and enjoy the tale of how I became the gamer I am today ...

The earliest gaming memories of mine actually came from playing on the Atari 2600. While I can't recall vivid details of my gaming then I do remember the two games my family owned/shared. I recall playing a simple game called 'Face Maker'. I honestly wouldn't call it a true video game, but more of a PC type of application. The case to it was huge, and had a vinyl case. The cartridges were small, square, and black. I remember that very well. The game that really kept my attention though was the 'Yars Revenge'. The game was nothing but a bunch of scattered pixels, but the image on the cartridge was very cool. Looking back at the screenshots of those games makes me wonder what I thought was so great about it. I guess it was due to the fact it was a new thing in technology/entertainment. Somewhere in my house I still have that Yar's Revenge cartridge, but my Atari is long gone.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Infinity Danger (XBLIG): "Shmup Combat Evolved"

Milkstone Studio's 7th game 'Infinity Danger' takes the shmup genre in  a new direction. Instead of the usual formula used in shmups, Infinity Danger features one ever evolving enemy that constantly adjusts to your playing style. The enemy ship begins small, and gradually grows in size adding weapons and armor to itself in order to destroy you. How long you can survive the onslaught depends greatly upon your actions, and the way you decide to destroy each ship's evolved state.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Niji the Rainbow Fish (XBLIG): "A Japanese Tale of Love"

Those who know me have come to realize how much of a fan of Japanese things I am. I love everything from Japanese import games to Japanese artwork. Niji brings traditional style Japanese watercolor paintings, and scroll work to life in a vivid display. I was so excited when binary madness, the developer of Niji told me they would allow me to review their game. I was actually lucky to get a review code considering the game had been out for a while. I took a shot in the dark by asking the developer for the code. Through the email conversations I had with the developer I could tell they really care about their fans/customers. Binary madness intends to fix the glitches/errors that are present in the current game with the release of an updated version. I will be doing a review on it as soon as it's released. After acquiring the code for Niji I installed the game, and set out on a quest to 'try' to become the greatest Niji player ever! Sadly I failed in that task but, I am improving. With some dedicated practice the high score will soon be mine! ...

Grand Theft Froot (XBLIG): "Alien Espionage With A Frooty Twist"

I can honestly say I have yet to see an XBLIG title as involved as 'Grand Theft Froot' was. It took me every second of the five hours the developers had informed me it would take. Through many hardships, and victories I was able to conquer this game. At the end of it all I felt as if I had accomplished a great feat. I worked seriously hard to get this game completed 100%, so I could bring my readers all the details (minus the spoilers of course).

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Upcoming Summer Review: "They Bleed Pixels"

I have been fortunate enough to secure some of the most interesting XBLIG titles out there, and I'm definitely thankful for the opportunity. Recently Spooky Squid Game's developer has informed me that I'm on the list of reviewers to receive 'They Bleed Pixels' for review. It's a gothic lo-fi platforming beat'em up with some very unique features. I would lie if I were to say I wasn't excited. This game may look simple in nature, but I think it will become a hit soon after it is released. The game is scheduled for release this summer, and I will get the review out there asap. Until then please enjoy the trailer to this awesome upcoming XBLIG title ...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Xbox 360 Impressions: "Catherine Demo"

I've been following Catherine since it was first released in Japan. To be 100% honest I had thought it was going to be an RPG type of game since it's developer is ATLUS. They are known for their release of many popular Japanese RPGs. I found out later, and a bit closer to the scheduled release for Catherine that it was going to be more of a puzzle type of game. The story was to be based on marital morals. When I saw the demo was available on the Xbox 360 today I was extremely excited. I wanted to try the demo out ever since I heard it was available on the Japanese PSN store. I downloaded the demo, and got started right away. I wanted to see if it was as good as I had hoped ...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bellum Gothicum Orchestra

I know my site says 'Gaming', but I thought I'd stray off the beaten path a bit and introduce a goth band to you who took the time to friend me on youtube. Being the music fan that I am I immediately fell in love with the band's haunting style of vocals, and instrumental presentation. I can definitely see them going very far in the music scene. According to their studio video their main focus is the telling of a goth fairytale through their music. They will allow fans to visit their site where they keep news of their music, and videos. I visited the site this morning, and it is offered in English which I'm grateful for. I will leave you with a video of their behind the scenes studio introduction, as well as their recent music video "Angeles Del Amor". I hope you enjoy the sneak peek into some of the music that I love ...

Fan Site: Bellum Gothicum Orchestra

Sunday, July 10, 2011

2 NEW Upcoming XBLIG Reviews

I've been in constant contact with various XBLIG, and XBLA developers trying to secure some game reviews for you guys & gals. Two of those titles will be released in the months to come. I made it a point to get ahead in my quest for games to review. This way I can deliver reviews on the games you have currently seen preview trailers for, the trailers that might have sparked your interest as an Xbox 360 gamer. I'm proud to say that the two new games I have on my upcoming review list include 'Take Arms' which is a unique 2D take on the FPS genre, and 'Jump Hero' which delivers high speed action, awesome music and spectacular visuals in a unique way. As soon as I get a hold of these extremely cool titles, I'll get the review out there. Until then please feel free to enjoy the two trailers to these amazing games ...

PC Review: "Space Blasters"

Most people I know have no clue that I also do Adult DVD reviews for a mainstream website. I usually wouldn't mention it, but this article is about a video game that has been promoted by a well known adult female performer. It seems that some of the female performers are actually into gaming like us. Many of them are actually very nice to talk to, and treat their fans with respect. In my career as an adult DVD reviewer I've made friends with a couple of them, and even submitted some of my art for their site. It's definitely nice to see the normal/fun side of performers in this industry.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dead Block (XBLA): "A Rock & Roll Zombie Survival Game"

Many of the gamers I've grown up with, and have made friends with have enjoyed some type of zombie game. My own obsession started with the old horror movies from back in the day, and was later rekindled by the introduction of the Resident Evil series. From that point on I have enjoyed many zombie games on many different consoles. Nowadays you can find the inclusion of zombies in about every form of media there is. On July 6, 2011 Digital Reality Ltd., and Candygun Games released a Zombie game that brought back that wholesome zombie goodness that had sparked my interest as a young lad. Their game which is titled 'Dead Block' takes old and new zombie survival elements and combines it to make a video game creation that pays tribute to to all that is zombie. I was extremely excited when they told me I was going to be able to do a review on the full game. Once I got the code from them I didn't hesitate to get started.

Upcoming Review: GameStudioPhoenix's "T.E.C. 3001"

GameStudioPhoenix, the developer of the upcoming XBLIG title "T.E.C. 3001" has just informed me that they will be allowing me to do a review of their full game. I'm very excited about this news! I've seen their official trailer, and it has very impressive visuals, and gameplay. I'll be bringing that review to you as soon as the game is released. Until then please enjoy the official trailer below ...

Friday, July 8, 2011

Rainbow Runner (XBLIG): "An Intense Run 'N Gun Shooter"

In my early search for games to review I came across a very unique shmup style shooter called 'Rainbow Runner'. Being the shmup enthusiast that I am I couldn't wait to see if the developer would allow me to review the game. It ended up taking a while to acquire the code from Tristan Nishimoto (Progpixel Games) due to complications with Microsoft, but I found it to be well worth the wait. After receiving the code I spent a couple of hours, or more playing through the different game modes. I could have spent a lot more time than that, but I needed to get the review out there.

PC Game Review: "Soldiers Are Dreamers"

Recently a good friend of mine introduced me to Peter Willington, the Host/Owner of 'InRetroSpectPodcast'. He asked me about reviewing a point, and click PC game he had created. Initially I was going to pass it up, but I figured I would give it a try. I'm usually not into PC games, but given it was a special request from a friend I decided to go along with it.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Xbox Indie Games Summer Uprising 2011: "The Next Evolution in Gaming"

Recently I've gotten into the business of reviewing XBLIG (Xbox Live Indie Games), and XBLA (Xbox Live Arcade Games). I was previously working for various review sites on the web, but I wanted to start my own site. The availability of XBLIG, and XBLA games made this dream possible for me. During the development of my own site I've been following many indie game developers' works, and I've had the privilege to get to know some of them. After starting my game review blog I noticed a steady increase in the the interest of Xbox 360 indie games which was definitely good. It made the Xbox 360 a more attractive venue for indie game developers.

Reviewers, and developers are quickly picking up on the fact that XBLIG titles are one of the hottest new things in Xbox 360's gaming library. Like some of the XBLIG, and XBLA reviewers out there I have been bringing up to date reviews of the latest titles available in the Xbox Live game library. My goal is to get the games the recognition they deserve, just like the Summer Uprising coordinators are trying to do. With the IGSU (Indie Game Summer Uprising) at hand I truly believe this will soon become a mainstream thing. I have a gut feeling that Xbox indie games, and indie games for other consoles will pick up very fast. If you you haven't noticed the attention it's receiving yet, you will soon enough.

XBLA IMPRESSIONS: "Deadliest Warrior Legends"

I'm a history buff, and I absolutely love shows about world history. I'm no stranger to the Deadliest Warrior television show. I love their accurate, and scientific portrayal of the imagined duels between various world warriors. When I owned my PS3 I actually tried out the first Deadliest Warrior game, and I wasn't too impressed. The combat system was a bit lacking, but the concept was very intriguing. A couple of days ago 'Deadliest Warriors Legends' was released as an XBLA title, and I was anxious to see how the developer had improved the game.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lootfest (XBLIG): "A Pixelated RPG Adventure"

During my quest to acquire game codes for review I came across a cool little RPG called 'Lootfest'. After I had watched the trailer on youtube I sent vikingfabian (gamefarm), the developer of Lootfest a review code inquiry (message) in hopes of securing a full game code. I actually prefer doing reviews on the finished product, because it allows me to give accurate details about the game. When I recieved a reply back from vikingfabian telling me he had a code for me I was anxious to start the game, and see what it was all about.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Decimation X (XBLIG): "A True Shmup Tribute"

Today I found another awesome developer who actually cares about his audience. Matthew Doucette of Xona Games was kind enough to give me a code of his hit Xbox Live Indie Game 'Decimation X' in exchange for my promise to play his new game 'Decimation X3'. At this point I'm extremely glad to have made the transition over to the Xbox 360. It has opened up awesome opportunities for me, and has allowed me to meet some very cool developers. I consider myself both lucky, and privileged to be a part of the Xbox 360 gaming community. I hope that my reviews have helped all of my readers to find those hidden XBLIG gems out there that you might have passed up otherwise. I also hope to continue to provide quality reviews for all the XBLIG/XBLA fans out there.


Recently I was contacted by Matthew Doucette, one of the developers of Xona Games about a review code inquiry I had sent. I had pretty much given up on hearing back from any of the developers, but it was nice of him to send me a reply. The game I was inquiring about was a new shmup shooter titled "Duality ZF" that's scheduled to be released soon. I had a handful of reasons why I wanted to review the game, and one of them was that the developers behind Xona Games realize what shmups (shoot 'em ups) are all about. They seem to value a good shmup just as I do, and they also know that shmups have a long lasting quality. After reading the email Matthew D. sent me I decided the least I could do is review one of their games. I watched trailers to all of them, but the one that really caught my eye was 'Score Rush'.


I find myself once more trying out a new puzzle game. I might actually get back into the genre if games like Vizati, and this game keep being released. BEYOND is a unique puzzle game that was developed by mitabo. The game features 10 level rounds that are categorized by letters of the alphabet. You begin at 'D'. I assume the game continues until you get to 'A', but I can't be for certain since I was only able to play the trial version.


When I first saw this title I wasn't sure what to expect. It was categorized as an 'Other' in the XBLIG genre selection. The cover of the game featured four neon sihlouettes of well endowed female figures. The description to the game was very short, and didn't offer much info about the game. Being the curious gamer that I am I decided to give this enticing XBLIG title a shot. Maybe I could pick up some tips on how to charm the ladies, or not ...

Monday, July 4, 2011

Upcoming LIVE Astro Cluster (XBLIG) Party July 10, 2011!!!

Last night I was lucky enough to share some Live Xbox 360 matches of 'Astro Cluster' with the developer, and some fellow gamers/reviewers. This was actually my third, or fourth time playing alongside Skoddle (of Skoddle Games). He happens to be one of the nicest guys, and XBLIG developers I know. It's not often I've met someone as kind as him. Currently the sales of his game have been somewhat limited, but that doesn't stop him from improving the quality of the game. Recently he even made an update to make the game more user friendly. He has definitely gone out of his way to make the game a fun experience for those who purchased it. The live matches he hosts shows that he truly cares about his customers. His goal is to make sure the Astro Cluster players can enjoy the game to it's fullest. Since it is a strong multiplayer based game it's nice to be able to join others even if it is only on special occasions. If you would like to join us next Sunday be sure to get the game. It's only 80 msp ($1), and every bit worth the asking price. You should also send @Skoddle a tweet letting him know that you would like to join in. I think it's awesome what Skoddle has done for his gaming community, and I'm glad to be a part of it. In my lifetime as a gamer I would have never dreamed I would be gaming with a developer of a video game. It truly is an opportunity that shouldn't be passed up.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Most of you probably have no idea that I was once into puzzle games. I used to play games like the classic Tetris for the NES, Dr. Mario, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo as well as many other titles in that genre. I found that my sister was actually the puzzle game champ in the family so I abandoned my hope of exceeding her talent years ago. I honestly think she is one of the top Tetris players out there. She ended up making it to ridiculous levels. I just noticed about an hour ago that a new game called 'Vizati' was realesed in the XBLIG game library. I took a peek at the details, and screen shots to see what it was about.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Ed. "The Good & The Bad"

Those of you who know me have learned that I love fighting games. It's my absolute favorite genre when it comes to video games, and I can definitely pwn some of the more hardcore online gamers. Before I made my transition over to the Xbox 360 console I was a very skilled PS3 fighting game player. In all honesty getting used to the 360's controller has not been an easy road for me, especially when it comes to pulling off ultras, and supers in SSFIV. I'm a gamer who takes full advantage of the thumb pad on a game controller, and the 360's is horrible. At times the thumb pad on it is almost unresponsive. Aside from those issues I've adapted fairly well to using the thumb stick. I can see there will be a long road of training ahead of me if I wish to become as good as I was with the PS3's controller. Now allow me to tell you the good, and bad features I discovered while playing the updated Arcade Edition ...


I've kept in contact with some of the XBLIG developers who promised me a code, and they seem to be having issues in acquiring them. Solmonus, the developer of 'When Maiden's Attack', and Tristan Nishimoto the developer of 'Rainbow Runner' haven't received their codes yet. The developer of 'Fluffy: Operation Overkill' (sosodevgames) told me they won't be getting their codes, and it's not their fault. Whatever the case is I will not be doing a review on 'Fluffy: Operation Overkill. If the other games that were promised fall through as well I'll just start doing trial reviews, and full game reviews when I can afford to at my own expense. I apologize for letting everyone down, but it was honestly not my fault. I was promised the games for review, and unfortunately it didn't work out. I still hope to bring you quality reviews even if it is only of trial versions. My goal has been, and always will be delivering my quality reviews about the things I love which includes video games.

Thanks for your support!,
Brad (@OtakuDante)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Astro Cluster (XBLIG) Code Giveaway - [CLOSED! Winner @DntMessWitRohan!!!]

Skoddle the developer of the Xbox Live Indie Game 'Astro Cluster' was kind enough to give me a second code for giveaway. Recently Skoddle, myself, and some other reviewers got into a Xbox Live session of the game, and discussed the possibility of weekend Astro Cluster game nights. This is closer to becoming reality. Skoddle informed me that this Sunday (July 3, 2011) we'll be having another Live gaming session at 8pm EDT. If you are the winner of this code, and would like to join in the fun please contact Skoddle at his Twitter account (@Skoddle), and tell him OtakuDante sent you. It's a rare opportunity to get to play an XBLIG title with a developer as kind as Skoddle. Be sure to leave your Twitter name with your answers, so I can contact you. Without further hesitance I bring you the giveaway!!!