Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pure Pool (PS4)

Pool is definitely an enjoyable game to play. It's one of the few recreational games that incorporates mathematics, strategy, and only a slight amount of luck. You'll find that some people play pool for the fun of it while others play for the more competitive aspect. Either way you choose to play you will find that Pool requires some serious skill, and close attention to detail. In the case of VooFoo, and Ripstone's "Pure Pool" virtual Pool table experience you'll find plenty of next-gen worthy content that not only incorporates the time honored traditions of the game, but that also presents it in a way that's about as realistic as it is in real life. Everything from the pool table's graphic details to the surrounding club/bar backdrop makes it look as if you are in the virtually crafted environment playing pool yourself. Along with the realistic pool hall setup comes various modes of play, customization options, and an XP ranking system that will properly pair you up with others in your skill class. Online, and offline gameplay are both options afforded to those willing to pay for the game.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Zen Pinball 2: Guardians of the Galaxy (PS4/PS3/PS VITA)

Like many of Marvel's reinvented comic book series the "Guardians of the Galaxy" storyline was rebooted years after the original was printed, and was named after the origin story which debuted many years before it (1969). Taking heed of the comic book's, and the film's growing popularity Zen Studios chose a design that was ultimately centered around the 2008 "Guardians of the Galaxy" lore. At the core, the 2008 comic book reboot tied into the previous "Annihilation: Conflict" storyline, and included a newly comprised cast of  known villains, and superheroes which you'll also see, and recognize within the film as well as on the table itself.

On the flip side the movie which also seems to have given Zen Studio developers some inspiration took only a portion of the tale that was being told. It included characters that would more, or less capture the audience's attention as well as a portion of the story that was more action packed. While the character offerings are somewhat limited on Zen Studio's pinball table rendition of the movie's events the oddly paired heroes of the story that are included still hold their places as important pieces of the story being told. Characters on the table, and within the movie include "Star-Lord", "Drax the Destroyer", "Gamora", "Rocket Raccoon", "Groot", "Yondu and the Ravagers", "Nebula", and "Ronan the Accuser". As far as the story goes the tale being told incorporates the heroes' escape from Kyln prison, and their rise to fame as the fabled "Guardians of the Galaxy". As you can probably imagine the heroes face off against many foes, and perils as they try to make a name for themselves in one of Marvel's most unique settings.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Meaning of Life, an Epiphany

The Meaning of Life, an Epiphany

By Bradley Carver

The longer I think about life, and humanity's purpose in the grand scheme of things the more I realize that we, as a species were destined to bring about our own demise. It's a rather simple concept to grasp once you give it some thought ...

Thursday, July 24, 2014

HyperX Cloud White Gaming Headset

Having played games for as long as I have I've went through my fair share of gaming headsets. Sometimes the headsets such as the Turtle Beaches I've owned would fail right out of the package, and I'd have to take them back to the store for a replacement. Other times the copper wire would break somewhere inside the plastic wire casing causing the headsets not to work after a short term use. Over time I learned to always buy an extended warranty, because of these types of issues. Due to my dealings with faulty, and poorly designed headsets in the past I've not been too keen on purchasing anymore. Having a new PS4 in the house made me want to get the perfect one regardless of my skepticism though. I've looked online, and even at Gamestop for a decently priced headset, but never really found one worth investing in. It wasn't until a Kingston Technology representative got my attention about an upcoming PS4 compatible headset that I got my hopes back up again. The "HyperX" headset, as it is known was first released in a black design, and was widely accepted amongst the gaming community. From online Images I could tell that a lot of work went into the design, and that it definitely looked of good enough quality for the $89.99 asking price.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Zen Pinball 2 PS4 Table Re-Releases

About a week ago the good guys, and gals over at Zen Studios let the public know that their already obtained PS3, and PS Vita versions of 'Marvel Pinball Vengeance and Virtue', 'Classic Pack', 'Fantastic Four', 'Captain America', 'Marvel Civil War', 'Super Street Fighter II Tribute', 'Mars', and 'Excalibur' tables would be re-released, and made readily available in HD format for the PS4 console. If you already owned all of these tables then there was no need for an extra purchase, but should you find yourself lacking any of the additional DLC content the individual tables will set you back the usual $2.49/$2.99, and the sets $9.99 each. For those of you who are new to 'Zen Pinball 2', and have yet to read my past reviews on the newly re-released tables I will briefly go over each to give you a hint of what they each entail. Just keep in mind that these are HD remakes fitting of the PS4 console, and are quite the steal at the asking prices they are offered up at.

Monday, July 21, 2014

MTG 2015 Core Set is here!!!

I know I'm super late getting this article posting out to you guys, and that all of your regular MTG enthusiasts have already covered the latest series with unboxings, booster pack openings, and what not. Even so I though I'd go ahead, and support the one TCG that I have mad respect for. For those of you who follow MTG (Magic the Gathering) closely you will know that the latest 'Duels of the Planeswalkers' game released on a variety of different gaming formats not too long ago. Among those gaming consoles, and mobile devices were the iPad, PC (Steam), Xbox 360, Android, and Kindle Fire. Of course Xbox One players will also be getting their turn at the game a little later this Summer. Where does that leave us Playstation players? Sh*t out of luck. That's where. Yes, I'm a little butthurt by Stainless Games', and Wizards of the Coast's decision to leave out the Playstation players. It's just wrong. I personally think it was a bad decision, and that they could have made more money had they at least released it on the PS4 as well. Regardless of that fact, PS faithfuls who love MTG can still nab the 2015 cards which come in the usual pack, and deck varieties.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Abyss Odyssey (PS3)

With a hint of Harry Potter, a sample of Soul Sacrifice, and a clip of Castlevania the development crew over at ACE Team weave a dream-like tale of a slumbering warlock, and those who would dare to oppose his ever-spawning nightmares. The tale which follows a Chilean lore begins with the underground trek of a dreamt of female warrior named 'Katrien", and follows her as she travels down into an Abyss where her creator lies in sorrowful slumber for the past choices he has made. Katrien, who was once the Warlock's love caught wind of is secretive lifestyle, and turned on him forcing him to silence her. Unfortunately things didn't go as planned, and for the sins that followed the nameless Warlock submitted himself to an eternal sleep in which he hoped to escape the forever torment of his unrelenting nightmares. Despite his efforts though the Warlock's nightmares continued to occur, and began manifesting themselves into reality. A part of him, which is Katrien aims to right the subconscious wrongs that are currently taking place. This is where you, the gamer steps in ...

Friday, July 18, 2014

What's Goin' On - 7/18/2014

It's been a while since my last post, and there's a good reason for that. During the beginning of July I was pretty much left high & dry with only porn to review. Thankfully now though I have picked up some games, and DLC extras to cover on this blog. If you've been following my daily tweets, and mentioned activities on Twitter you'll know that I picked up a handful of new video games, and DLC to review this month including a new Atlus release, and a Zen Pinball 2 DLC pack. Atlus, and ACE Team's "Abyss Odyssey" is what I'm currently working on, and trying my hardest to complete. After that I'll be taking on the Zen Pinball 2 PS4 table DLC re-releases that were shared with me. My intention with 'Abyss Odyssey" is to do a thorough review since the game wasn't that easy to figure out at first. I want to give the game a fair chance before posting my definitive opinion. As far as the re-released Zen Pinball 2 tables go I will be briefly rehashing what I know about each table, and set of tables. I'll also do a comparison paragraph, or two explaining what the PS4 upgrade has in store for the gamer. I hope you stick around, and continue to follow my progress as I will be reviewing even more games in the months to come.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Crimsonland (PS4)

Crimsonland, at the core is a minimalist's top-down twin stick shooter that incorporates creature carnage on a massive scale. The indie style shmup, which was developed by 10tons takes the simplistic controls of twin stick shooters, throws in hordes of relentless enemies in varying types, and gives the player just enough weapons, and power-ups to overcome the insurmountable odds before them. Within the game you'll find two main modes of play including, "Quests", and "Survival" in which you can test your skills, or your patience as a shoot 'em up master. By playing through all six chapters of "Quest" mode you will unlock perks, and weapons of different varieties which can then be used in the "Survival" modes that are to follow. PSN trophies are also obtainable during your main playthrough should you meet the set requirements to unlock them. As important as the quest completion is though you will find that Crimsonland's true value ultimately lies locked away in the various "Survival" modes that are unlocked through an initial 'Quest' mode playthrough.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

One Piece Unlimited World Red (PS3)

Eiichiro Oda, and the development team at Bandai Namco once again grace the Playstation consoles with a tribute game designed around Eiichiro's fantastical world of pirates, and marines. Eiichiro's epic adventure known as "One Piece" boldly began in 1997 as a manga exclusive, later became an anime, and has since gained six seasons (over 600 episodes) worth of maritime lore surrounding the 'Straw Hat Pirates', and their quest for the ultimate treasure known as 'One Piece". With the addition of video games such as 'Unlimited World Red' making their debut on current generation consoles the 'One Piece' mythology continues to expand even further reaching an even broader audience than before. Staying faithful to the series, and expanding upon it Eiichiro Oda contributes to this latest One Piece game with additional plot based scenarios, and characters not yet seen in the anime series. You'll find high seas adventures in the form of a vastly constructed story mode, and a coliseum mode in which the "One Piece" battles mean everything. There are plenty of colorful characters to play as, and team up with as you take on the quests, face insurmountable odds in epic battles, and complete tasks that are asked of you. Much like 'Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker' you will be spending hours upon hours interacting with island residents, and expanding upon the island itself. There's lots to do, and plenty of fun to be had as you join Luffy, and his Straw Hat Pirate crew in their latest set of misadventures!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Why I Do What I Do

I've never really explained my motivation behind my blog reviews, or why I request as many games as I do. I'm sure some of you think I'm some cocky wannabe journalist who thinks he's entitled to codes, and retail copies of games. Some of you on the other hand might like the review services I provide, and appreciate the time and effort I put into my work. Either way make no mistake that what I do is a full-time job. With "job" being the keyword. I personally don't get paid a dime for what I do, and the games I get only get played through once, and then I move on (90% of the time). It takes up a good portion of my daily life to do what I do, and is no different from the jobs that PR perform on a weekly basis. Do I think what I do warrants free games all the time? No, but I know for certain that I wouldn't be able to produce the amount of blog content that I do if it wasn't for the codes, or the retail games that are sent my way. The motivation which I spoke of just a few sentences before ultimately lies with my drive to write creatively, and support a form of entertainment that I grew to love, and have an immense amount of respect for. I also do what I do for every one of you. I've said it before, and I'll gladly say it again. You guys, and girls mean the world to me.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Limitless + DVD Giveaway

It's a known fact that we as the human species only use a fraction of our mind's potential. Geniuses of the greatest intelligence, as smart as they are also meet such limitations. With all the inherent, and born capabilities in the human genetic make-up it makes one wonder exactly what we could do if we we're to know, and understand everything there is to know, and understand. Many scientists, movie directors, writers, and video game developers over the years have also pondered the same question, and put into published theory the rewards, and consequences for being godlike. This topic of limitless possibilities, and potential is of course where the movie "Limitless" begins, and where it continues on after ending openly. Based upon a novel by Alan Glynn titled "The Dark Fields", "Limitless" opens up with a seemingly final suicide scenario in which the main character 'Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper)' faces the consequences of his actions that took place well before the movie ever began.

Monday, July 7, 2014

My Connection Is Not Sh*te, Get It Right pt.2

Some of you my have caught my Twitter talk about my connection last night, and saw that my connection failed the speed test miserably. This in itself puzzled me, because the in-game online connection stats on the games I play all reflect a perfect 4-5 bar connection depending on the game's standards. I got to thinking about the speed test this morning, and then it hit me. I had run the test on my wifi enable PC which was feeding off of the signal of my main PC which was hooked up to the Broadband DSL. On top of that the wifi enable PC that I tested, and frequently use has a low 512MB memory making it pretty darn slow by itself. Of course things started making more sense after that. To ensure that it was not my connection that was the issue, and that my connection was not sh*te I decided to run the speed test on my main PC.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Connection Is Not Sh*te, Get It Right!

Here's a blog post going out to all you hacker non-believers, and all you connection naysayers. It's time to put rumors to rest. Contrary to popular belief, as you are about to find out, My connection is always a full 4-5 bars depending upon the game. The only exception I know of is in "Persona 4 Arena" lobbies due to the connection offset that happens when joining a lobby of foreign, or distant origin. In most cases it's either a 2-3 bar connection status due to this netcode anamoly in that particular online experience. Even with said connection stat differences 99% of my online P4A matches play out as if on a 4 bar connection which is the best in the online P4A lobbies. Of course if you'd like video proof via some recorded matches of P4A I'd be happy to oblige sometime during this coming week. Without further adieu though, sit back & brace yourselves, because you are about to get educated!

Share a COKE with Brad

Recently my family stumbled upon this neat little promotional series that was implemented by the Coca-Cola manufacturers. It seems that if you travel to a gas station, or convenience store you are likely to stumble upon some 16oz bottled Coke drinks with names on the label. I'm sure they cover most American names, with the exclusion of some spellings. My Sister-Inlaw was able to find my name amongst the lot, and actually bought one for me yesterday. I honestly didn't think 'Brad' would be amongst the library of Coke label names, but I'm glad it was, because I can now share an image of the Coke product with you. On the Coke's label you'll see my name in bold print, along with the catch phrase "Share a Coke with ..." above it. Underneath all the white lettering is a hashtag trend for twitter that is as follows, "#ShareaCoke". I'll likely share it on Twitter as well being the Twitter faithful that I am. Anyways, I hope you enjoy a look at this cool idea by the guys & gals at Coca-Cola! Please share responsibly. No need to share the actual drink if you get one as that could possibly get you sick, supposing the person in question is sick.

Friday, July 4, 2014

POP! Vinyl / POP! Rides - "Batmobile"

Recently, while out shopping at Walmart I decided to buy a 'POP! Vinyl' figure for review. I liked reviewing the Vocaloid figures, and wanted to start collecting some of them on my own. One thing you have to understand about Walmart, and my trip there for the 'POP! Vinyls' though is that there's slim pickings in regards to 'POP! Vinyl' figures within the store. Unfortunately my options were severely limited, because of this. Most of the figures on the store shelves were of 'My Little Ponies', 'The Walking Dead', 'Game of Thrones', and 'How To Train Your Dragon 2'. Stuff that nobody wanted to buy, and figures that have been on the shelves for months now. The only figure that caught my attention amongst the lot was the classic Batmobile plus classic Batman combo. I had on my mind many other 'Pop! Vinyls' I'd rather have had, but the Batmobile package was an alright choice. So I bought it.

Wolf Creek 2 (DVD)

For those of you who have watched the first "Wolf Creek" film you'll be very aware of it's torture gore nature, and the man who does the death dealings therein. In "Wolf creek 2" racist outback serial killer 'Mick Taylor (John Jarratt)' returns once again in all his primitive glory to cleanse his Wolf Creek paradise of foreign invaders. This time around a pair of authority abusing cops, a German couple, and a British man who just so happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time get caught up in the grisly carnage that ensues. Paul (Ryan Corr) plays the unlucky lad who gets drawn into the fray shortly after the first three killings of the movie as he stumbles upon a female victim who is trying to escape the grasps of Mick. Through an intense, and sometimes sarcastically humorous cat, and mouse pursuit Mick trails his target through the desert like a master hunter with his prey caught in the center crosshairs of his trusty rifle. Sometimes the chase takes place while Paul, and Mick are in their separate vehicles, and other times it's an on land struggle in which Paul tries to outwit Mick with his cunning.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

"Five Dollar Flick Giveaways"

In the "Future Review" section of my blog's right side bar you will now notice a listing for a "Five Dollar Flick - Limitless" DVD review. I've talked it over with a friend, and have decided that each month (assuming people actually try to win) I'm going to make a trip to the local Walmart, pick up a $5 DVD, review it, and then give it away. I intend on always picking out something worthwhile, and not some half-assed production. This month's DVD, which is pretty darn good in my opinion, will be "Limitless" starring 'Bradley Cooper', and 'Robert De Niro'. I actually happened to watch the first half of the movie on cable, and know personally from what I've seen that it's a good movie. Even with my past viewing though I will have to go back, and rewatch it via the dvd, so I can deliver a proper review to you. After that I'll decide exactly how I'll give it away. Nothing is concrete as of yet. I am open to suggestions.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

"I've Lost My Dream" - by Brad Carver

"I've Lost My Dream"

An inspirational speech by Brad Carver

I've been pondering a lot of things lately. Mostly things to do with life, and the meaning of it. I have come to the conclusion that humankind is doomed to fail for one simple yet complex reason. That reason lies with the social standards that dictate how we live. As a child we dream of doing great things, godlike things. Our imagination knows no bounds. Sooner, or later though our parents instill upon us the social standards that were passed down to them. We are expected to grow up, and put aside our childish dreams, and ambitions. We are told to live by the law of the land, and grow up accordingly ...